About Barth Anderson


Barth Anderson is the author of The Book of Seven Hands (47 North), The Patron Saint of Plagues and The Magician and The Fool (both from Random House). His short stories have appeared in Asimov’s, Strange Horizons, Talebones, and he won the Spectrum Award for Best Short Fiction in 2004.

Review, The Patron Saint of Plagues: “Anderson has some serious writing chops, and he delivers a page turner that is at once a medical thriller, cyberpunk romp and provocative tease…a novel about race and class, science and faith.”—Salon.com

The Book of Seven Hands: “The language is as muscular and as playful as the swordsmen themselves. What’s even more fascinating is that this novella was inspired by an actual historical personage. Very fun stuff.” — Author Julie Rose

The Magician and The Fool:  “Those willing to surrender themselves to this talented author’s compelling vision will find a fevered dream universe where understanding in the normal sense is probably not possible, nor even necessary.” — Publisher’s Weekly

Barth Anderson lives in Minneapolis.

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