Want to lend a hand? Crowd-sourcing FARM FACTORY INC

29 Jan

Hi friends — I’m well into my next book project, the writing and editing of FARM FACTORY INC., a mystery/thriller with a dairy farmer as sleuth, uncovering a flu outbreak and a string of murders in the sordid underbelly of the corporate farming world.

Think Fair Food Fight meets The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

barth 1I’m very excited about this book, but I’m at a tipping point. I need time to finish writing and editing with the book as my primary focus, but rather dire financial pressures are steering me in other directions (I’m on the verge of needing to leave my apartment).

So I’m offering a screaming good deal on Tarot readings to buy myself some time and raise cash for this project. Let’s call it a “Barth-starter” campaign, instead of a Kickstarter.

$75 for an hour-long Tarot reading or $100 for a reading and a smaller follow-up. It’s a great way to map out the new year and see your own life through a totally different perspective.

ALSO: Everyone who buys a reading now will receive a personal thank you in the book’s acknowledgments for helping to make it happen at this crucial moment.

If you’re ready, here’s how you can help:

Take your choice of readings, make a payment through Paypal to me at barthanderson atsymbol gmail cotty com, and I’ll automatically receive an email notification. When I do, I’ll contact you shortly to make an appointment for your reading.

I can read cards long-distance via Skype, Facebook, chat, email, etc. Whatever you prefer.

(If you’re in the Twin Cities region, just message me, and we can make arrangements that way.)

One last thing:

If you feel moved to help Factory Farm, Inc. see the light of day but aren’t into this woo-woo mystic hubba-hubba stuff, you can:

a) make a $75 donation through Paypal and your name will be added to the Acknowledgments List in the book.

b) still help by cutting and pasting this message into a Facebook status update (adding a personal touch would be awesome, too!) or forwarding this message to anyone who might be interested in a reading.


Please share if you have friends who need a 2013 reading. Thanks!

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